Kroxie & Co.


We help brands design inclusive and accessible digital experiences that empower people.

Our Story

Our journey began in the early 2000s with Keisha “Kroxie” Croxton, a young, spirited girl who found a world of possibilities in graphic design through her family computer. As she grew, so did her passion, blossoming from creating fansite layouts for friends to championing the cause of accessibility in design.

Inspired by her brother, who has nonverbal autism, Keisha’s path was more than a career; it was a calling. Her personal experiences fuelled a deep empathy, shaping her vision for inclusive digital spaces. With certifications in web accessibility and enterprise design thinking, Keisha transformed her vision into expertise.

Founded in 2015, Kroxie & Co. started as a passion project and quickly grew into a mission-driven venture. Our goal? To make the digital world a haven of inclusivity and accessibility. We’re not just a design agency; we’re a collective of dreamers, creators, and advocates for a web that empowers all.

Join us on this journey. Together, let’s create a web that’s as diverse, vibrant, and inclusive as the world around us.

Keisha and client discussing a website

Our Values


We dive deep into the hearts and minds of users, crafting every design with intuition and joy.


We live to push the boundaries, turning creative dreams into unforgettable digital realities.


Our design journey embraces the collective wisdom of brands and users, weaving diverse perspectives into every pixel.


Accessibility isn't a checkbox for us; it's a commitment. We design digital spaces where everyone feels welcome and effortlessly at home.


Embracing new techniques, we don’t just keep up with trends – we create them.


Building trust through authentic interactions, we create relationships that last.


Our dedication to excellence hasn’t gone unnoticed. We’re honored recipients of the AVA Digital Awards, Davey Awards, and MarComm Awards.

2019 AVA Digital Awards Gold Winner in Web-based Production for Professional Services
2019 Marcom Awards Gold Winner in Digital Media for Professional Services Websites
2019 Davey Awards Silver Winner in Websites for Professional Services


Kroxie & Co. is a recognized Black-woman-owned small business (MBE) in Connecticut.

Our team holds prestigious certifications affirming our dedication to digital accessibility and excellence.

Two people looking at a an empathy map on a wall


As part of our commitment to enhancing digital experiences for diverse audiences, we’re proud to have collaborated with industry leaders like NIC Connecticut and Tyler Technologies.