Kroxie & Co.


Brands partner with us to produce inclusive, ethical, and user-centered designs.

Everyone deserves a digital experience that embraces diversity.

We create user-friendly, inclusive, accessible digital experiences that adhere to the highest ethical standards.

Join us and build a place where all feel seen and valued.

Keisha and client discussing a website

Here are some ways we can collaborate.

and Inclusive Design

Access to the web is a right, not a privilege. We make your website accessible to users of all abilities, ensuring that all can connect, navigate, and engage easily.

and Graphic Design

Each interaction is a story of connection. We envision user journeys that are beautiful, intuitive, and thoughtfully inclusive so that every user feels valued and understood.

Digital Strategy

and Marketing

We are committed to ensuring your voice is heard as the digital world expands. We create strategies that resonate with diverse audiences, ensuring meaningful interaction and ethical engagement.

WordPress Websites

Create your story on the world’s most versatile platform. Our WordPress solutions prioritize inclusivity, ensuring every feature resonates universally.

Tales of Transformation

I have consulted and hired Keisha over a few different projects. The knowledge and expertise that she brings is unmatched. She is detailed, organized and provides information to help you succeed, while giving you the elegant designs to enhance your business needs. She is the real deal.

Case Studies

Government and Public Sector
Government and Public Sector