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Project Overview

Project Duration: 1 Year, Launched September 2023

Connecticut Paid Leave is a foundational pillar for the state’s workforce, providing crucial support for employees during pivotal life events. In collaboration with NIC CT (Tyler Technologies), we set the stage for a transformed digital experience that not only adheres to the highest web accessibility standards but also serves as a guiding hand for families and individuals navigating the complexities of paid leave in Connecticut.

Our Contributions

  • Accessibility audits, design annotations, code reviews, workshops, and education
  • Design thinking workshops
  • Multi-language website consultation
  • User experience design
  • Website design
  • Usability testing and analysis

Challenges and Aspirations

The Connecticut Paid Leave (CTPL) program initially experienced a high rate of claim denials, primarily due to users failing to submit required documents. This problem pointed to a website many found too complex to navigate successfully. As a quasi-government agency with stringent web accessibility standards, its online platform must be inclusive and understandable for all users. Our mission was to overhaul the site to align with ADA standards, streamline all process information for clarity, and educate stakeholders on effectively engaging with the program’s resources.

How we transform challenges into triumphs.

We start by getting to know you and your audience.

Our journey with The Authority (CTPL’s managing staff) began with a deep dive into paid leave programs, comparing notes with counterparts across New York, DC, Massachusetts, and Washington. We dissected their data and analytics with a fine-tooth comb to discover areas ripe for improvement. As a quasi-government entity, CTPL adheres to stringent web accessibility and information availability standards. We conducted a meticulous audit of their digital and brand accessibility, and from this, we created bespoke educational materials to empower The Authority with knowledge about web accessibility.

Direct conversations with CTPL’s call center representatives shed light on user pain points, which became pivotal insights for our redesign strategy. Through a series of inclusive design thinking workshops that brought together diverse organizational voices, we constructed eight detailed user personas. These personas, each with unique goals for interacting with the CTPL website, served as our compass for restructuring the online experience.

We map out the experience of your audience.

With goals for each persona in hand, we delved into the website’s analytics to trace the digital footsteps of our users – where they journeyed, the devices they favored, and the pages they lingered on. Journey maps emerged from this data, depicting the intricate paths of interaction each persona had with CTPL, enabling us to pinpoint every essential touchpoint to elevate their experience.

We imagine new ways to engage your audience.

From there, our Information Architecture work came into play. The Authority’s content was meticulously refined, simplified for clarity, or expanded for depth where necessary, laying the groundwork for a sitemap that would be the new content’s backbone. Attention to multilingual content was paramount, focusing on Spanish translations ensuring accessibility beyond the visual. Sketches and wireframes flowed from our new insights, setting the stage for how the content would live within the design facilitating further content refinement and user support.

We bring those ideas to life with designs that tell your brand's story.

The CTPL’s vibrant brand guidelines illuminated our path as we audited the colors and fonts for accessibility, ensuring no user would be left behind. Prototypes, rich with over 22 linked pages, emerged as testbeds for real user interactions, enabling us to refine further and perfect the experience with tangible user feedback.

We bring in fresh eyes to help us refine these designs.

The true test of our designs came with live user testing sessions, orchestrated with meticulous detail by Kroxie & Co. We crafted scenarios, prepared questions, scheduled participants, and then recorded and analyzed these sessions. Each session was a treasure trove of insights, helping us to iterate and refine our designs with precision.

We turn refined ideas into your website's reality.

With designs set, our focus shifted to developer handoff and documentation, with accessibility annotations ensuring every element met the highest standards. Our involvement didn’t wane post-handoff; we stayed close, conducting code reviews and providing a guiding light to developers through the intricate web of accessibility requirements.

Tales of Transformation

Together, we rise to the challenge and empower your community.

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