Kroxie & Co.

Our Team

A collective of passionate, innovative minds committed to designing a more inclusive and accessible digital world.

Collaboration is
Our Strength

We team up with a kaleidoscope of talented freelancers, artists, developers, and thinkers who share our vision for an inclusive digital universe. Their diverse perspectives and skills enrich our projects and strengthen our commitment to groundbreaking design.

Here are some of the amazing creatives who add their magic to our mission:

Keisha outside smiling at the camera

Keisha Croxton, CPACC

Founder, Accessibility Designer

Leading the creative journey at Kroxie & Co. is Keisha Croxton, a creative maven with over a decade of experience in shaping empathetic and purpose-driven digital experiences.

She is a passionate advocate for web accessibility and inclusive design, a dedication that stems from her years in the education and nonprofit sectors.

Keisha’s approach to design transcends aesthetics. Every project she touches becomes a vibrant, inclusive space where everyone feels seen and connected.

Her personal passions mirror her professional ethos – a polyglot in her leisure (English, Español, 中文, and Français), an avid learner across various fields, and drawing inspiration from her blended family.

Photographer Langston Bowen

Langston Bowen

Visual Storyteller, Photographer

From the picturesque vistas of New England, Langston Bowen captures more than just images; he captures stories. With a lifelong passion for film, he brings a cinematic depth to every photograph, turning fleeting moments into lasting narratives.

Langston’s artistry shines in his meticulous attention to detail and his affinity for dreamy color palettes, transforming each frame into a visual delight. His photography is a dance of light and color, creating scenes that resonate with emotion and beauty.

At Kroxie & Co., Langston plays a pivotal role, wielding his camera to narrate our brand’s story. His talent in photography doesn’t just showcase our work; it encapsulates the essence of who we are – a fusion of creativity, empathy, and innovation.

Are you a creative with a passion for inclusive design?

If yes, you might be the perfect fit for our team! We’re always looking for fresh talent and hearts that beat for meaningful design. 

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