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Project Overview

Project Duration: 4 months, Launched October 2019

Smart Seed Fund, a remarkable grant initiative in Connecticut, lights the way for communities and organizations to embark on sustainability-driven projects. Collaborating with Pam Howard of Firebrick Design, we delivered a digital platform rooted in clarity and growth, matching the initiative’s transformative vision.

Our Contributions

  • User experience design
  • Website design
  • Website consulting
  • Custom WordPress website

Challenges and Aspirations

As a new entity, Smart Seed Fund faced the challenge of establishing an online presence that would develop with their emerging brand identity. Without an existing website or digital platform, they needed a comprehensive and strategic approach to web development. The primary goal was to create an intuitive, informative, and user-friendly website that would be a central hub for communities to access information and apply for sustainability grants easily.

How we transform challenges into triumphs.

We start by getting to know you and your audience.

Our first step was to immerse ourselves in the world of investment funds similar to our client’s offerings. Collaborating closely with their graphic designer, we gained a deep understanding of the fund’s branding essence and business objectives. We harmonized our design efforts with the client’s ongoing content development, ensuring a cohesive narrative. We looked at other sustainability initiatives in the state to get a good understanding of who this website might speak to. We used this information to create a user persona and goals for this brand-new website.

In partnership with the client’s graphic designer, we reviewed the brand fonts and color schemes, pinpointing and rectifying any elements hindering accessibility. The result was a comprehensive design system that not only aligned with the brand but also championed inclusivity, ensuring every user could connect with the fund’s digital presence.

We map out the experience of your audience.

We imagine new ways to engage your audience.

We bring those ideas to life with designs that tell your brand's story.

With the foundation laid, we ventured into prototyping, translating the strategy into visual designs that resonate with the brand’s narrative. Iteration after iteration, we refined these designs in-house, honing in on a visual storytelling that perfectly encapsulated the fund’s ethos.

We bring in fresh eyes to help us refine these designs.

We turn refined ideas into your website's reality.

The design’s transition into a fully functional WordPress site marked the final phase of our journey. Our team meticulously documented every aspect of the website’s functionality, all while equipping the client’s team with the knowledge to sustain and manage their new digital platform. Tutorial videos were crafted to ease the content editing process.

Tales of Transformation

Together, we rise to the challenge and empower your community.

“Overall, project leaders leveraged $360,000 in match funds to help raise an additional $378,722 with ioby— for a total of $738,542 in funding for resident-led sustainability work!”– Quote from ioby

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