Kroxie & Co.

Our Approach

We merge empathy with innovation to create digital spaces where inclusivity isn’t just an ideal – it’s the norm.

Our Creative Journey

Proudly rooted in Design Thinking and accredited as Accessibility Professionals, our method doesn’t just meet standards – it reinvents them. Our process, though appearing linear, is inherently iterative, evolving with each insight and inspiration.

What to Expect on Our Journey Together:


Immersing in Your World, Connecting with Your Audience

We dive into the essence of your industry, ambitions, and the unique spirit of your brand. Understanding your audience is our first step, guiding every design decision with empathy and insight.


Mapping Journeys, Uncovering Opportunities

Using empathy maps and user personas, we uncover your audience’s needs. We meticulously chart their journey, turning each interaction into an opportunity for connection and engagement.


Elevating Content with Strategy and Finesse

We focus on enhancing, streamlining, and empowering your message.  We refine and elevate your content, aligning it closely with your strategic goals. Here, the journey takes a tangible form through wireframes – the initial blueprints of your site’s layout and functionality, laying the foundation for a user-centric design.


Breathing Life into Ideas

Our wireframes transition into vibrant, interactive prototypes infused with your brand’s essence. This stage is a symphony of collaboration – your feedback and our expertise harmonize to ensure a design that’s both accessible and visually captivating.


Refining Designs with Real Insights

Whether gathering user feedback or iterating with your team, we refine every element. It’s a process of listening, evolving, and perfecting; ensuring the design not only meets expectations but exceeds them.


Translating Collaboration into Code

We translate our collaborative blueprint into code—meticulous, accessible, and robust. Whether writing the code or collaborating with your developers, we’re committed to precision and clarity, ensuring our shared vision comes to life without losing sight of accessibility.


Bringing Your Website to Life and Sustaining Its Growth

A launch with us marks a new beginning. Websites, like gardens, need tending. We provide the tools, training, and support to help you nurture your digital space into a flourishing ecosystem.

Together, let’s build more than websites – let’s forge digital experiences infused with community, collaboration, and heartfelt design.

Are you ready to design an inclusive experience?

Let’s make that dream a reality! Email us at or send us your details through our project form to get started.