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Project Overview

Project Duration: 5 months, Launched February 2022

Dr. Ginger Nash is a beacon of empowerment and knowledge in the naturopathic world, dedicated to enlightening women on natural health practices. With over two decades of nurturing wellness, Dr. Nash stands out as a resourceful educator in New Haven, CT. Through her active participation in podcasts and writing insightful blog posts, she’s not just a naturopathic physician but a visionary guiding women through their health journeys.

Our Contributions

  • Design thinking workshop
  • User experience design
  • Information Architecture
  • Website design
  • Custom WordPress website

Challenges and Aspirations

Dr. Ginger Nash faced the challenge of unifying her dual online presence: her naturopathic practice and her “Feminology” blog. The aspiration was to forge a seamless digital experience, where wisdom and healthcare converge, enriching her clients’ pathways to wellness. Dr. Nash envisioned a website that not only radiates her expertise and fosters community but also streamlines the connection between her clients and her wealth of resources—including easy appointment scheduling. The goal was clear: a user-centered website that embodies her brand’s ethos and simplifies client engagement.

How we transform challenges into triumphs.

We start by getting to know you and your audience.

In our mission to elevate Dr. Nash’s online space, we began by understanding the landscape of holistic wellness websites. The aim was simplicity and efficiency, adopting WordPress for its user-friendly content management. Sifting through testimonials, we gained invaluable insights into the patient experience, which informed our collaborative workshops. Here, we crafted a user persona that mirrored the needs and aspirations of potential patients, laying the groundwork for a tailored digital strategy.

We map out the experience of your audience.

Our journey mapping process involved a detailed analysis of the current website structure. We evaluated the user flow, identifying opportunities to streamline the experience by merging, removing, or adding pages to align with our user persona’s goals. This strategic reorganization aimed to create a straightforward, effortless navigation path that directly supported user goals and expectations.

We imagine new ways to engage your audience.

While Dr. Nash was refining her website’s content, we delved into creative sketches, imagining a cohesive page design that would resonate throughout the site. We also introduced a simplified version of Dr. Nash’s distinctive logo for better mobile readability. Selecting fonts and visual elements became an exercise in capturing the essence of nature and feminine energy inherent in her brand, ensuring every digital touchpoint was infused with her ethos.

We bring those ideas to life with designs that tell your brand's story.

The ideas that we nurtured were then spun into a tangible prototype, a visual story that resonated with Dr. Nash’s ethos. Through an iterative refinement process within our team, we ensured every pixel and every line was a chapter in her brand’s narrative.

We bring in fresh eyes to help us refine these designs.

We turn refined ideas into your website's reality.

The culmination of our creative journey was the WordPress development phase, where the finalized designs came to life. We crafted training sessions for her team, empowering them with the knowledge to maintain the site’s vitality.

Tales of Transformation

Keisha was incredibly responsive to all of our concerns and truly listened to what we wanted in a new website design. She made the process very easy from start to finish.

Together, we rise to the challenge and empower your community.

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