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Accessibility and Inclusive Design

Accessibility isn’t just an add-on feature for us—it’s at the heart of everything we do.

Let's transform challenges
into triumphs together.

Increase audience reach

A website that is accessible will attract a wider audience and engage them in a more meaningful way.

Reduce legal risks

Stay ahead of accessibility regulations and reduce legal risks.

Improve user experience

A user-friendly website is an accessible website. Improve user experience by making it easy to use for all.

Enhance brand image

Enhance your brand's reputation and customer loyalty by displaying your commitment to inclusivity and ethics.

Here are some ways we can collaborate.

Accessibility Audits
and Compliance Testing

Dive into digital inclusivity with our comprehensive Accessibility Audits. Think of it as a wellness check for your website. We’ll meticulously document any snags and rank them by impact, handing you a blueprint of fixes to enhance user experience. While we focus on the audit, you can choose how to implement the changes with your team or our trusted partners.

Accessibility Program Strategy

Build a fortress of accessibility within your organization. We provide the scaffolding, from educating your team to developing a robust accessibility policy. Together, we’ll allocate resources, engage stakeholders, and establish a vigilance framework, empowering you to be self-sufficient champions of inclusivity.

UX Accessibility Consulting

We’re your co-pilots on the journey to a seamlessly accessible website. Our eagle-eyed team evaluates your content, color choices, and interactive elements to ensure they sing in harmony. We stay by your side from initial design reviews to developer handovers, ensuring every detail is crafted for universal ease. We’ll be your watchful guardians until launch, ensuring accessibility is in your site’s DNA.

Usability Testing

Understand your users like never before. We organize and facilitate user-testing sessions, providing you with a narrative of recorded experiences and a roadmap of actionable insights to enhance usability. You recruit the users; we uncover the insights.

User Experience Design / User Interface Design

Our UI/UX designs breathe life into your digital presence. With a keen eye for detail, we deliver wireframes and prototypes that form the blueprint of a captivating user experience, ensuring your site is seen and felt. We design, you delight.

Accessibility Support
and Monitoring

Keep your digital presence in tip-top shape with our Accessibility Support. Monthly automated scans and manual check-ups by human experts keep your site compliant and user-friendly. Our virtual office hours mean we’re just a call away for any accessibility queries. This tune-up service is your peace of mind, ensuring your site remains an inclusive haven.

Tales of Transformation

I have consulted and hired Keisha over a few different projects. The knowledge and expertise that she brings is unmatched. She is detailed, organized and provides information to help you succeed, while giving you the elegant designs to enhance your business needs. She is the real deal.

Are you ready to design an inclusive experience?

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