Kroxie & Co.

Branding and Graphic Design

Design is more than just aesthetics—it fosters genuine human connections.

Let's transform challenges
into triumphs together.

Audience engagement

Attractive user interface elements and intuitive UX blueprints enhance digital experiences.

Core values of inclusivity

Integrating inclusive design into digital experiences, ensuring diverse needs and preferences are met.

Informed design choices

By testing our designs for usability, we ensure their effectiveness and satisfaction in real-world situations.

Focus on conversions

Visitors become loyal customers by providing seamless, intuitive, and compelling user journeys.

Here are some ways we can collaborate.

Brand Logo
and Identity System

Unleash your brand’s visual potential with our Logo & Identity Design. You’ll get a logo that captures your essence, a color palette that speaks your language, typography that tells your story, and icons that reflect your spirit. All wrapped up in a style guide that ensures consistency across the board.

and Print Communications

Your brand’s message deserves to be seen—and seen well. From tactile business cards to eye-catching digital ads, our designs ensure your communications resonate and engage. While we craft your visual narrative, we’re happy to connect you with the maestros of print to bring your vision into reality.

and Environmental

Transform spaces into stories with our Signage & Environmental Design. Whether it’s a banner that beckons or signage that signals, our designs guide and delight. We collaborate to ensure that the essence of your brand is echoed in every physical and digital touchpoint.

Annual Reports
and Research Reports

Elevate your reports from data to storytelling. Our designs turn numbers into narratives and research into revelations. We craft each piece to reflect the caliber of your work, ensuring that stakeholders not only read but remember your achievements.

Tales of Transformation

I have consulted and hired Keisha over a few different projects. The knowledge and expertise that she brings is unmatched. She is detailed, organized and provides information to help you succeed, while giving you the elegant designs to enhance your business needs. She is the real deal.

Are you ready to design an inclusive experience?

Let’s make that dream a reality! Email us at or send us your details through our project form to get started.